Thursday, October 31, 2013

Challenge Accepted!!

Clean out your E-reader Challenge Sign-up
Have you been a little over eager with your mouse when browsing Kindle Freebies? Or maybe those books on Netgalley were just too hard to resist? Are your free reads sitting in your E-reader, neglected, just waiting for when you have time to get to them? Well now is the time with the “Clean out your E-reader Challenge”!
Join us November 1st – 30th with the Clean out your E-reader Challenge hosted by Fantasy is More Fun & Because Reading is better than real life and start cleaning out your free E-reads! Not only will you get to those reads that have been sitting unread for too long, but two bloggers will have a chance to win a $10 Gift Card from Amazon or B&N in our Review Posts Giveaway AND everyone will drive more traffic to your blog!

Getting ready to start this challenge tomorrow! I am so exited to being doing a new challenge, I had soooo much fun in the last one. 

My goal is 5-10 of my free e-books, I definitely have enough to do that and more! Here is my list of book I would like to get through. I'm going to list 15 but I'm shooting for 8-10 realistically, I just like to have options!

Perfect Ruin
Divine Beginnings 
Wander Dust
Witchy Witchy
Saving Wishes
Princess of the Midnight Ball
The Medium 

If you are looking for something to get you geared up to read before the holiday madness is in full swing, please join us!!! 

Are you in?! DO you have any challenges you are doing in the coming months?! Leave a message after the beeeeeeeppppp! :)