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My name is Michaela and I live in Georgia with my husband, 3 cats, 3 dogs and various other dogs that I watch for friends and family. My husband says I need three things to live: books, coffee, and puppies!
I have always loved to read but the older I get the harder it is to find people who share my passion for reading. I have tried book clubs and getting books for friends and forms but none of those things have ever stuck. So I decided to start a blog! At the very least it gets my thoughts out of my head and at the most I find other people who like to read, even some people who like to read paranormal YA like me!

I have been very into dystopian YA as of late but I am also a fan paranormal, romance, and historical fiction YA. I like to mix things up and read some contemporary adult and historical adult fiction as well. Basically I love to read! And I love to talk about what I am reading!

All the reviews mine and solely my opinion. I just wanted a place where I can share my thoughts! 

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This is how I'm going to rate my books. The best thing I can compare them to is coffee, and what's better than coffee and a good book?! Here is a little explanation of my rating system! 

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Hold on TightTake My HandThe GatheringThe Distance Between UsAll Is Bright: A Short StoryDare You ToPushing the LimitsWicked LovelyThe Christmas NoteDivine BeginningsRebootAlice in Zombieland

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