Sunday, December 1, 2013

Life of a Blogger: Pets

A fellow blogger does a weekly meme called Life of a Blogger, it's pretty much what it sounds like. Each week she has a topic for bloggers to talk about themselves. I just discovered it yesterday so I am late with my post but since the topic is pets I HAD to participate!!! 

Click her button to check out here meme page and, while you are there, check out some of her reviews! 

So her most recent topic was Pets! And I don't know if you have notice but I am a bit of an animal lover! I work with a labradoodle breeder here in GA and I watch previous clients dogs when they go out of town. I also help out when there are new puppies, before they go to their forever families. I am in the process of becoming a dog trainer as well. Believe it or not this all started with me just wanting a dog and my husband saying no because I am allergic to dogs (and everything else). We met with a breeder to learn more about the dogs and to make sure I would not have a reaction to them. We became instant friends and now the breeder and her family call us auntie and uncle. We love them just like family!!! The dogs are a bonus!
So here are my pets.....
The Kitties
This is Chloe. She's the princess of our kitties. She's a snuggler but only on her terms. she loves to knead but has claws so she gets her feelings hurt when you make her stop sticking her claws in your skin. She has gotten to where she loves new people and tolerates the dogs... most of the time. She is a thief who likes shiny things and bottle caps. 

This is Luna, my Luna Bug. She's mostly interested in food and spends her days asleep somewhere the dogs can't reach her. She steals everyone's food and is the fattest kitty we have. She also hates closed doors and will open them even if you intended for the door to stay closed. She is our alarm clock, because it's breakfast time, and loves to sleep next to me in bed, as long as there are no dogs. 

 This is Aurora, aka Rorie. Rorie adopted my husband almost 4 years ago. He was a work and this little black kitten started following him to his truck when he would come out to get tools. When he went inside the kitten would whine and paw at the glass door he went in and out of. When he was packing up to come home, the kitten jumped into his truck as if waiting to be taken home.
 Rorie thinks she's a dog. She eats their food, begs for peanut butter and cookies, steals their beds and has no problem telling them to move out of her way. She spends most every night in our bed, even if she has to share with the dogs. She's a pistol and keeps the dogs on their toes!

The Dogs
Raquel, aka Roxie. She was my first doodle. She was given back to the breeder at 6mons when her previous family couldn't deal with her and life right then. I was supposed to train her (because she wasn't trained AT ALL) and then she would be sold. After working so hard with her I couldn't let her go. She is my baby and I am her human.
 Roxie loves everybody but we have a special bond. When I am sick, even with a small allergic reaction or asthma attack she refuses to leave my side. She keeps the other animals in check and is the first to check on them if one of them whines. I am so thankful that Roxie is in our lives. She is the dog who started it all and who made me see that I want to work with dogs everyday! 

 This is Bear or Beary, "my husband's" dog. Bear had the cutest face and he knows is. He would like nothing more than to sit and be petted all day. He knows how to use those pretty hazel eyes to get exactly what he wants. He's also the resident bulldozer, we are working on him not knocking people down to get out the door. Bear is just to cute for his own good but perfect when you are in need of snuggles because he's always more than willing to stay as long as you keep the pets coming. 

Last is Scarlet, who isn't even a year old. She's a mini-labradoodle and will probably never weight much more than 15lbs. She was kept back from the breeder as a possible breeding female. I was just supposed to be watching her until she was placed, which I totally suck at. When Scarlet was a baby she got kennel cough and I had to nurse her back to health. We fell in love and she's been mine ever since. She's my little snuggle bug and I love that she doesn't take any crap from the big dogs. I take her almost every where I go; she rarely leaves my side. She even has to sit in my lap when I am driving. I never thought I would get a mini, I have always favored the larger dogs but Scarlet stole my heart. 
This is Bocce. He is my mom's dogs but since she is staying with us I am going to claim him too! Bocce was a rescue from Labrador Friends. He had been in a kennel for over a year when my mom offered to foster him. No one else would foster him. Bocce can come off a little fierce when you first meet him and has even been known to nip and lunge at new people. My mom saw the good in him and worked very hard on his training.  Because he is unsure of new people, it was proving difficult to get him adopted or even fostered by anyone but my mother. It was pretty obvious that they where meant to be. She kept him and we have continued to work on his socialization. He is doing BEAUTIFULLY here with all the other animals which was unheard of when my mom first got him. We honestly believe he would have been put to sleep if my mom hadn't seen what everyone else had missed. I never worry about my mom when she is with Bocce because I know that he would protect her with his life. 

I have MANY other dogs that I have fostered or puppy-sat and so many pictures that I could be here all day. I am just going to share a few of my favorites. 
 photo IMG_0782_zps1b3f9911.jpg photo IMG_0048_zps8592ed8a.jpg photo IMG_0679_zpsf1808bc6.jpg photo IMG_0589_zpsf39f5682.jpg photo IMG_0019_zpse35a618a.jpg photo 2ed01561-a233-4164-83e3-a15fdc5a1597_zps77fb2dea.jpg photo IMG_0015_zps84ee43cb.jpg photo IMG_0017_zps4ce9a4d4.jpg photo IMG_1311_zpsc882da35.jpg photo IMG_0126_zpsae3dc266.jpg photo IMG_0503_zps960d5e1c.jpg photo IMG_0903_zps726eaf5a.jpg photo IMG_1473_zps3b0d4290.jpg