Monday, May 5, 2014

Year Long Reading Challenge Updates

I have not been a good reader or a good blogger lately. Many changes in medication mixed with the general lack of attention from my brain have left me either to sleepy to function or to ADD to complete anything. But I am getting better and feeling better so I should be back in the game!!
Also I’ve been helping with these babies which wont be able to go home until the beginning of June.
I love new puppies!!!! They are one of my favorite things about my life! I have also been watching and training this guy, until he finds his forever home. His name is Benji and he is 5months old. He’s such a sweet puppy, I am going to be sad to see him go.
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So here is where I am in my Year Long Challenges :
 photo 2014tbrpilerc_zpsc5e95bba.png
Goal: 21-30 First Kiss

1. Dare You To (my review)
2. Daughter of Smoke and Bone (my review)
3. Princess of the Midnight Ball
4. Defy
5. Beautiful Creatures
6. Deeper
7. Pure
8. Cornerstone
9. Hidden
10. Asylum
11. Perfect Ruin
12. Ember X
13. Break Out
14. Crash into You
15. Parasite
16. Unravel Me
17. The Girl of Fire and Thorns
18. The Princess in the Opal Mask
19. Before I Fall
20. Wake
21. Grave Mercy
22. Need
23. Divergent
24. The Fault in Our Stars
25. Teardrop
26. The White Queen
27. Someday, Someday, Maybe
28. The 5th Wave
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 photo 6082dae6-c993-4990-bd70-882001bb130b_zps5544efee.jpg
Goal: 11-20 Journeyman 


1. Defy by Sara B. Larson
2. Hold on Tight by Nicola Haken (my review)
3. Take My Hand by Nicola Haken (my review)
4. An Imperfect Circle by R.J. Sable (my review)
5. Deeper by Robin York(my review)
6. Still Live With Bread Crumbs
7. Bellman and Black
8. Becoming Alpha
9. The Shadow Queen
10. The Lost Sisterhood
11. Hush
12. Happy Endings Bookclub
13. The Signature of All Things
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 photo Series-Challenge-Button-take2_zps20cbb32d.png
Goal: 7-11 Gold Badge
1. Daughter of Smoke and Bone - 1/3
2. Pushing the Limits - 2/3
3. Darkness Rising - 1/3
4. Take My Hand – 4/4
5. Shatter Me- 1/3
6. Matched- 1/3
7. Delirium- 1/3
8. The Selection- 2/3
9. Under the Never Sky- 2/3
10. Casual Enchantments- 1/4
11. White Rabbit Chronicles- 1/3
1. Divergent 0/3
2. Legend 0/3
3. The Taker 0/3
4. The Mortal Instruments 0/6