Friday, March 21, 2014

My “Oh Crap it’s about to be (or already is) a movie and I haven’t read the book yet” List!!

My “Oh Crap it’s about to be (or already is) a movie and I haven’t read the book yet list!”
 (oh and also, I already own all of these books).

 So you can’t miss it lately, all these widely loved books that are being turned into major motion pictures. It seems like Hollywood finally figured out that the best writers are, well WRITERS. As books lovers we are ALL over these movies; critiquing the cast and any other bits of information we can gather from day 1! I blame it on Harry Potter, they set that bar super high!

So today, during my regular internet book pursing, I came across the recent list for YA books that are soon to be or already are movies. I realized that I have got some serious reading to do! I don't know how I got so far behind, I knew most of these movies were coming but I just never got around to reading the books. I HAVE been reading, just not any of these…..

Divergent- yup that's right, I have the WHOLE series and haven't even cracked it open's on my list......
 photo Divergent_zps276a3320.jpg

The Fault in Our Stars - I actually haven't read any of his books yet, although I own three. True story.
 photo thefaultofstars_zpsba7bb2fa.jpg

If I Stay - I've only have this on for a week! 
 photo IfIStay_zps6af6f629.jpg

The Book Thief - I haven't been in the mood for one this.. moody...
 photo TheBookThief_zpsf1ff15dd.jpg
The Maze Runner - I bought it on a whim, who knew it was going to be such a big deal.. geez! 
 photo TheMazeRunner_zps97e49a4f.jpg

Revenge of the Witch: The Last Apprentice - Just got this one today, $1.99, what what!!!
 photo TheLastApprentice_zps02d5efbc.jpg

I Am Number Four - I know I am super late on this on but I didn't even realize it was a book until Netflix recommended it to me! 
 photo IAmNumberFoud_zps84819969.jpg

Ender’s Game - ok I'm out of excuses.. I'm going to go read now..
 photo EndersGame_zpsfcc1157f.jpg

Now don't go running away from my blog from the shame in it all. Now that I see the error of my way, I know what I going to be reading next. 

I think that is the easiest it has ever been to choose what I am going to read next. See there is a bright side to this!!!

I'm not going to run to the closest theater on opening night to see these movies, I live in a big city and just don't want to be that close to people, but I will buy them as soon as the come out on blu-ray and have words about the movie when it's over. I married a geek so we have a kick a$$ surround system that beats paying $20 for a movie any day annndd I get to stay in my pj's with my personal bubble completely unviolated.

What books turned movies are you most looking forward to?!