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Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway!! An Imperfect Circle by R.J.Sable

"What do you do when the boy who rescues the last remnants of your soul rejects what’s left straight afterwards? You move on. That’s what you do. I’m not the sort of girl who sits on the sofa with a bucket of ice cream mourning over anything. Especially not over a boy."

Sixteen year old Ellie Belrose has spent the last five years rebuilding her life after something she'd rather forget. She's finally getting somewhere but, when a figure from her past makes an unwanted reappearance in her life, she's forced to confront her demons. Karl Carter is fascinated by Ellie the moment he sees her but he doesn't realise she's Elise. His Elise. He never forgot her and still isn't willing to - despite her insistence. The two of them are stubborn, angry at the world, and sparks fly when they come together. Can they help each other move on from the past or will they drag each other back there?
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An Imperfect Circle is such a beautiful story. From the first page I was hooked! I was so into this story that I was irritated with the real world for interrupting my reading time. R.J. Sable has created some of the most beautiful characters I have ever had the pleasure of reading about. This is a story full of tragedy, love, family, and redemption.

Ellie is a wonderful protagonist. She’s smart, fierce, and loyal. She’s been through hell and back yet has not let that defeat her. Instead she is determined to be a good person. I think that is so respectable. A lot of time when bad things happen, people use the bad as a reason to be unhappy and make those around them unhappy as well. I’ve always thought the better you try to be, the better things will come your way and so does Ellie. I think that is such a great philosophy to live by.
Ellie are Karl where bff’s when they were six. After tragedy strikes they not see each other again until Ellie is forced to attend Karl’s high school.  Despite Ellie’s best efforts to avoid Karl and his many brothers, The Carter’s, Ellie is inevitably forced to face them and her past in turn. Karl and Ellie find that their relationship is much more difficult than it was when they were six.

I love how large of a role Karl and his family play in this story! Sable does a wonderful job including the family dynamic into this Ellie and Karl’s story because in a family that large, there is no way for them not to be a part of their relationship. Since there are so many Carters, sometimes I got confused as to who was who as I was reading. But even if they are not talked about much, each Carter has their own personality which makes it easier to recognize them even if you can’t always recall their names.

All of the characters in this story are so well defined, even the ones who play very small roles in the story are easy to remember because you like you know them fairly well. Each character plays an important role in the progression of the story, even it is not a huge role. It is beautifully cohesive!

There are some profound issues addressed in this story which can make reading very emotional at times. There is physical abuse, critical illness, and even death just to name some of the larger issues address in this story. I think the author does an amazing job of focusing on the emotion of the characters throughout their experiences and giving the readers enough information to really understand what the characters are feeling and going throughout without being overly graphic or sugar coating what happened to them.

Most of all this is a love story and a beautiful one. Ellie and Karl do not have it easy which makes their love even more real. If you love a good heart wrenching love story this is the book for you! This is the kind of story that you will love to get lost in and I highly suggest that you do! Don’t forget the tissues, you’re going to need them!   

RJ Sable is an author from the UK. She is a lover of language of all kinds and has a degree in linguistics and phonetics. Unfortunately, despite her best efforts she is only fluent in English and Swedish after having lived in Sweden for three years.

When she's not writing, RJ can be found with an impossibly large cup of tea, a crochet hook, and a mess of tangled yarn. Alternatively, she might be on her beloved racing bike "Mary" or mountain bike "Bumble", annoying car drivers everywhere. RJ Loves to cycle, run, and swim, and her current non-writing aspiration is to complete a Tough Mudder and an Ironman 70.3 at some point during 2014.

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