Monday, November 11, 2013

YALL Fest 2013 Recap

I had soo much fun at YALL Fest! This was my first ever book fest and it will NOT be my last!
It was so wonderful to be with a huge group of people of all ages and flavors (hehe) who enjoy the same type of books that you do.

If you did any of the signings you know that most of the lines we super long! There were just so many AMAZING authors, at times is was hard to even choose which signature you wanted to get more. I know that there were a lot of people who choose the divide and conquer method which meant you didn't get to stand and talk with your friends in line. I did not find this to be a problem because EVERYONE was soo nice.  Almost every line I was in I found someone nice to talk to and when I wasn't talking I was listening to other people around me all making new friends! I even felt like all of the wonderful volunteers were new friends because they were ALL so nice and helpful and willing to chat even though they were super busy trying to keep everything on schedule!

My ONE problem with the YALL Fest was that everything fun was happening at the same time, so I missed things to do other fun things. I only ended up getting to go to two of the panels, which made me sad because the two that I went to where soooo much fun! It was so cool to listen to the authors of all these AMAZING books just talk. We are very familiar with their authorial voice but to listen to them talk was just made me happy. They gave some amazing advice on writing as well! Next year I might send someone to get the signatures for me ( I might have to sit through some boring car thing to bribe my husband) and do ALL of the panels that I can! 

THIS WAS SERIOUSLY LIKE THE BEST DAY EVER!!!! I can NOT wait until next year. 
Veronica Rossi

 Me and Mommy

Ally Condie

 Ally Condie again :)

Lauren Oliver

(This is my loot for the week, I bought these just to get signed because I have them on e-book already)

I am linking YALL Fest offical Facebook pictures because I was having to much fun to take lots of pictures..sorry, but their camera is way better anyway :)