Friday, February 28, 2014

A Month of Challenges

Write On Review-a-Thon
OK I have review I have been putting off writing so TODAY I am going to get them done and participate in a Twitter chat!! I love talking to book friends!
 Here are the review I need to get done today!
Now I won't bombard you with all of these wonderful reviews at once but I will get the all written and scheduled to post today. It’s going to be great to get caught up and hopefully I can stay ahead of the game for a little while! Wish me luck!!!

March 2014 COYER Signups

It’s time to do a little cleaning! The Clean Out Your E-reader Challenge starts tomorrow and as always I have a looooong list of books to choose from. I am shooting to read 5 books that have been collecting dust on my e-reader.
Here’s my list:
  • Ember
  • Perfect Ruin
  • Cornerstone
  • Hidden
  • Asylum
 photo Ember_zps05d9e072.jpg photo PerfectRuin_zps9dbd9111.jpg
 photo Cornerstone_zps6e748987.jpg photo Hidden_zps569d2ec0.jpg photo asylum_zps34b4d068.jpg

If I can I will at a few more to the list but we will have to see what I have time for! I hope you join in the challenge, it’s a wonderful reason to read some of those free Kindle books that have been sitting around just waiting for you to read them! The banner will take you to the sign up page and the official rules.

Take Control of Your TBR Pile 2014

And there’s one more! This challenge overlaps with the yearlong challenge that I am doing and with the CONYER challenge as well so yay!! Challenges Galore this month!!!  I am getting the pep back in my reading step this month…. Plus spring is coming and I won't be able to go out of the house without itching and/or having an asthma attack so I might as well get some good reading time in right?!

Each button is the linked a challenge so please feel free to join in on the reading madness! All of these challenges are great ways to encourage you along your reading goals! 

Happy Reading friends!!!!