Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Clean Out Your E-reader Challenge Wrap Up

Clean out your E-reader Challenge Sign-up

The #COYER Challenge is over as of November 30th. I didn't read even close to what I wanted to read AND I missed the Twitter party because I was doing family stuff. It was a rough month with sickness making it's rounds, new puppies, birthdays/anniversaries and a holiday. Next year I will know better than to try to do so much in November (hehe). 
So here are the three whole books I was able to finish:
Anathema (I'm sliding this one in because I finished it over the weekend)

They have already posted the winners of the swags packs and other goodies and we should be hearing about the next challenge round this weekend. I will do much better next time I just know it!! 

CONGRATS! To all those who won!! And to all those who reached their reading goals for the challenge! Woot!!