Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rate that Book!

 photo 81302ca3-d441-41b0-bd27-0e469db43ae7_zpscf65b8ef.jpg

This is my rating system. I based it on coffee because coffee and books are necessities in my life.

One cup is like that time we went on vacation and there was no coffee to be found anywhere in the hotel. NONE! How can you do that to people?! What am I supposed to do with herbal tea at 6am?! Urgh, talk about a bad morning!

Two cups is like the coffee you have at your relatives house that insist on making you coffee when you come over because they know how much you love it but they never drink coffee and therefore have NO clue how to use the coffee maker or what the correct coffee to water ratio should be ….. “No please don't bother with the coffee aunt Sue, I’m stopping at Starbucks on the way out to use my coupon”…… yeah...

Three cups is like going to Disney world. They say it is the happiest place on Earth and I don’t understand how that is possible with the quality of coffee they serve at their hotels. Even if the place says Starbucks, they lie. I mean it will get you through the day, but it’s nothing like the real thing baby.

Four Cups is like those holiday creamers the have at the grocery store around Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s a lovely change of pace, not something you would want to drink everyday (seriously I love gingerbread but it can be overdone ) but it’s just lovely while it’s here.

Five cups… oh five cups. For me this is a triple venti soy, caramel macchiato served to me in bed before I have to say a word to anyone. Five cups is just pure perfection.